Malente, Germany

Malente, Germany

We left the apartment at Maria´s Holiday let and drove in to Tönder and parked the car. To find out about the parking rules we went in to the nearby police station and received a ”parking disc”.

The town was rather empty at this time of the day and we had the streets more or less to our selves. As all ways we entered the church, had a little chat with the guy at the gates and took some pictures, lovely church. We strolled around for a while before we left and headed for the border.

Half an hour later we came to ”Skandinavian Park”, a huge shopping center where the sell a lot of cheap booze. We did not stop but continued towards Malente following the GPS with settings making us going the shortest route and avoiding autobahn, it´s a lot of fun. You will go to places you´ve never been before, in small alleyways and narrow country roads.

Once in Malente we checked in, had a little rest and then went to the butcher down the

Later that night we had a lovely birthday dinner at ”The Colonial” down by the lake.



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