At last, some nice temperatures :-)


At last, some nice temperatures 🙂
Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

After Hue we got on a bus facing south and heading to the mountain range that divides this country. Some hours later we started climbing and finally reached what is called ”Bunker Hill”. French and U.S. ”bunkers” are left here as reminders of mankind’s stupidity.

On the south side of the pass we met the sun, very nice I must say. Marble Mountains was a nice place to stop and everyone in the bus could change from winter to summer clothes their end pack away woollies and likes. Danang is the big city here and we past by some nice skyscrapers and the ”Dragon Bridge”. Another 20-mins south we came to our destination, Hoi An.

This little town is the place for about 450 tailor-shops and shoemakers, they make what you ask them to make, very nice.
I showed them my Bergans and Fjällräven-pants and ask for a few modifications and the result was a pair of 3/4-pants in a nice fabric like I want them to be.

Then it was time to get a new pair of glasses. A pair of sunnies was to to be picked up later the same day for a good price.

What else to do?? Cooking class, yes.
I was picked up by a scooter/moped and taken to the place, had to wait for the girls in the company for five mins.
The chef and the girls came in on the one bike, they must have very good springs here. We had a quick tour in the ”Central Market” and then we got on this boat for a tour on the river to see the duck farm. A very pleasant ride later we came back to the restaurant where the cooking class was held.
We had a good teacher and we cooked some very good dishes.

After that I had to run to get my new ”Sunnies” at ”Âu Viêt glasses” before he closed the shop. Trying to find my way back in the dark turned out to be a bit tricky but I got there in time 🙂

All for now.
Have to take care of not so good wife, 😦

Next day Jo was feeling much better and we went to a place called Reaching out, it´s a fair trade social business that empowers persons with disability through open employment. They sell handcrafted and eco friendly Vietnamese souvenirs. After three visits to the store/workshop and one visit to their tea house we had to ship our purchases to Australia.

We had a last visit at the market to get some kitchen utensils and a look on second floor where many women work under rather poor conditions.



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