A little rain :-(


A little rain 😦
Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam

We arrived Hue early in the morning and it was wet 😦

After checking in we had breakfast at the backpacking place nextdoor, banana pancakes with chocolate syrup 🙂

The planned bike ride was canceled and replaced with a bus trip.

  • The first stop was a place outside the town and we visited a ”rice museum”.
  • We also had a stop at one of the many royal tombs, this one was not restored at all so the condition was ”unpimped”, beautiful in a different way.
  • Next stop was at this lady making the hats. She was born in 68 and one of many who had some kind of dissformed bodypart because of the spreading of ”Agent Orange” by the Americans during the war. Her right arm is just the upper arm and a short finger but she still works and is famous for her hat designs.
  • The Citadel and the Forbidden City was next on the list. It was the royal palace till the last emperor climbed down. Many of the buildings were destroyed by U.S.A. during the war but many of them have been rebuilt or restored. It´s an ongoing project and it might be finished in 15-20 years.
  • The last stop was the Thien Mu pagoda, one of many pagodas and temples in the area.
  • We ended this day with dinner at USHI 100 meters from the hotel.

Next day will take us to Hoi An and some warmer weather, hopefully 🙂



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