Misty and chilly Halong Bay


Misty and chilly Halong Bay
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

This morning we left early and headed for Halong Bay. The weather was a bit chilly (ca.10´C) and cloudy. Halfway there we stopped at an organic farm for a look, very neat.

After ariving we entered the tender which took us to our junk (djonk) five minutes out in the bay. We checked in and sat down for a seafood lunch.

Beeing in this part of the world you learn new things every day. Now it was time for the newcomers to experience asian heating systems. If the outdoor temp is around 10´C it usually is colder inside. The new ones on this part of the trip were dressed for 20-25`C. The AC machinery in the cabins can´t be started at daytime because the generator on the boat is not big enough 🙂 and the doors to the dining area on the boat were hardly existing. All in all, everybody was freezing on the boat untill we could crawl into bed.

So the lesson we learn is: If you are in northern Vietnam during the winter, pack your longjohns.

Later we once again got in the tender and were taken to the big caves. Even though it is low season there were a lot of people. The caves are rather impressive and it took us almost an hour to go through.

Back on the junk we enjoyed a dinner and some nice ”games”.

Next day we went back to Hanoi and a nice warm hotel.



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