R´n´R in HK


R´n´R in HK
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

After almost four weeks in China it was nice to come to a big city that is clean and where everybody doesn´t drive like maniacs.

On this my fourth visit to HK we wanted to stay on the island side when we left our other travel companions. We took the MTR under the harbour and in no time we reached our new destination, the almost new Holiday Inn Express Soho, an award winning green hotel.

We walked around the area and did some shopping and when evening came we joined the crowd down in the harbour to see the fireworks. 25 minutes of constant banging, flashing and swoooshing.

Next day we took the tram to Causeway Bay and did SoGo, one big department store. After a little shopping we started walking back to Soho in a lovely, sunny HK.

On the monday we had planned to visit the nearby postoffice and send a few more items to Tasmania but we soon discovered that it was still public holiday. Back at the hotel we had to put everything back in our bags and left for the airport. Once there we found this tiny little ”hole in the wall” post office that was open. We received the best help you´d think of and another ten kilos was sent to Tas.

And that´s the end of China/HK for now.



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