Australia Day


Australia Day
Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo, China

On Australia Day we entered our bikes, me and Jo on a tandem, and took of for the countryside around Yangshuo. Our guide Daniel led us through the hectic traffic with ease. We stopped at some nice viewing points and we celebrated Australia Day withe Vegemite and Slim Dusty.

Eventually we came to the place for lunch. An old woman presented us with a number of dishes, the chinese way. ”Beer fish”, a karp cooked with beer, nice but full of boones. Deep fried tarrot root, very nice, and 7-8 other dishes.

Then we got out on the main road back to Yangshuo for a 40-minutes ride, very interesting to be this close to all the maniacs in traffic. They have a lot of rules but no one bothers to obey them. Anyway, we got back to town after some swearing and kicking at the others on the road.

After a shower we went to Dr. Lily Li for some relaxation massage, very nice.

A dinner and a beer later we headed back to the hostel to heat up our room again. They have very poor heating systems in the southern parts of China.
Yet another day on our trip has ended. 🙂

The day after we were transported to the ”Gold Water Cave” and had a little guided tour in some amazing caves. Following the chinese traditions it was very colourful. Being there in the wrong season the mudbath was to cold so we didn´t have to do that 😉



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