A little bit of Tibet in Beijing


A little bit of Tibet in Beijing
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

The mission of the day was to get to the Lama temple, Yong He Gong. We walked about 2,5 km from the hostel through the narrow alleys and streets in this part of Beijing called Dong Cheng Qu. There are five main temple buildings and a lot of sidebuildings. We passed by all the people cueing for the free meal and baught some inscence to burn to Buddha. After an hour or so we left and went looking for a nice lunchplace. We found ”Vineyard Café”. We got some fish´n´chips and a good beer and finnished of with a pot of tea. On our way back to the hostel Jo got herself a little fan and I got my self a seal with my chinese name, ”Ke Li Si Te”=Christer 🙂 .
Now it´s time for some R´n´R 😉



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