A visit to the wall


A visit to the wall
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Today was the last day with the gang from Sundowners Overland.

We got up rather early to get to the great wall in time. After 1,5 h we arrived at Mutianyu and most of us started the long walk up to the wall. Some 700 steps later we were there waith an astounding view in all directions. Both of us still suffers from the cold/flu-thing we´ve had so the rest of the gang had disappered up to tower 14 while we took a right towards tower # 6 and the chairlift down.

We had a lovely lunch with fried rice and some very good dumplings. The others joined in and when we all had happy tummies we rode back to town.

For the evening Tim (our tourleader) had aranged for a nice dinner and a lesson in the art of drinking tea. All of this took place at Alice´s Tea House in the hutongs in the Xuan Wu district. We were presented a number of dishes wich all disappeared in our empty tummies.

Tomorrow we´ll have breakfast and then our company will break up. We will move on to our next stay in Beijing and have four days on our own before joining the next gang.



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