Meet the others


Meet the others
St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Today we took the Allegro ”high speed”- train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. It was a very comfortable ride with no hick-ups. The taxi from the trainstation took us nice and quickly to the hotel where we met our fellow travellers and tour leader Tim. After all the necessary paperwork we all went out for a little bite to eat. The others on the trip are two girls from Ireland and a family of seven from Sydney.
The first day we went on a guided bustour that took us to all the major cites. Cathedrals, monuments, squares, canals a.s.o.
On the second day we went to the Hermitage museum. I´ve never seen so many Cezane, Monet, Renoir, Picasso and Gaugain paintings in one place, truly impressive.
Later at night (00.20) we entered the night train to Moscow. The cabins were so small that we had to take turns to turn around 🙂 Since I´ve got a little cold with fever and runny nose it was not easy to get any sleep in the tiny, little much to warm cabin,



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